Friday, July 31, 2009

Sky 36

4x8 inches, watercolor on paper

$65. US shipping $7.50; email for international shipping

Images that come purely from play, drawn from some internal vision rather than from an external reference, always seem more satisfying to me, at least when I make them. Any "Where did THAT come from?" experience feels inherently more interesting than does bringing forth an effective representation of some already existing image or thing. I primarily value learning to accurately reflect the external world—including other's painter's unique visions, once they make them part of my objective reality—for how this improves my capacity to explore internal and unseen worlds, not so much as an end in itself, altho I definitely enjoy accurate reflection for its own sake, as well.

Accurate reflection is certainly the easiest path to pleasure with images; nor does making the effort to submit to another's subjective image always seem worth the effort; how interesting are other people's dreams, as a rule? I guess it comes down to striking an interesting balance between the "We're the same!" and the "We're different!" aspects of the image. Isn't it wonderful when some purely subjective creation gives you an "I've seen this, too!" experience, especially if you hadn't remembered that?

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